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DailyBailey 365 Project>> 1st week of December


When I got my new camera for Christmas– as in, when I picked it out, scouted it out for weeks, went out and bought it myself the weekend after Thanksgiving, and begged Joe to not to make me wait until Christmas to start using it– I was all at once enamored with it and intimidated by it.  All the features and settings and buttons and dials!! OH MY!!  So to help me become better acquainted with my new friend (who still needs a name– any suggestions??), I decided to take up a challenge that I have seen online.  Taking a picture a day for a year.  So I started at the beginning of December and have been going strong for a month.  It has already helped me get to know my camera better, but also to realize that I have A LOT to learn.

So here is the first week of December:

But first, BONUS PICTURE from November!!  Baby Hannah was a very willing participant in my first ever photoshoot.  And since she is adorable and smiley and wearing pants with ruffles on the butt, it wasn’t too hard to get pictures this cute.


I got it in my head that my first official picture should be a self portrait.  Which just ended up being weird.


I felt awkward taking pictures in the PedMall, but I suspect for this project to work, I am going to have to get used to being brave and taking pictures out in the world.  This is admittedly not a good picture- but I have 363 days to get better at it and it was a good exercise in tip-toeing outside the comfort zone!


Mmmm… homemade bruschetta!


Riley = ferocious.


Second photoshoot! Emily and Brian, for their Christmas card.  Emily’s camera wasn’t working and I practically forced her to let me take their picture.  🙂


This is a ‘before’ shot of packing up our apartment.  I wish I had a good ‘after’ to show you, but alas, its still a work in progress.


During the aforementioned packing, Joe took a strong stance to get rid of the antique bed in our guest room.  But I love this bed!! It was my bed growing up and its perfect.  But I’m 5’2 and a half”.  Joe, at 5’11 and a half”, disagrees.  Because its an antique bed, its not a normal size.  As Dwight Schrute would say, “our mattresses do not conform to the usual sizes. The closest would be twin. ”  And its very short. And the custom-made mattress are really heavy and awkward to move.  BUT THE BED STAYS!! Or rather, the bed goes! to the storage unit!!

Whew!! There we have the first 7 pictures of the project.

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