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DailyBaileys 365 Project>> 2nd week of December


Alright, time to get back on track with my daily pictures!  To help get caught up, here is the second week of December.


Joe is good at our ‘Charlie Brown sad walk’, which is done in times of shame.  He is SO good, his head fell off!!


I think this looks like a fierce hawk eye.  Really, its my headlight! Which was finally replaced that day, after having been pulled over three, THREE, times in the previous 5 days for having it out.  Luckily, all three were warnings.  And I actually had the headlight with me in the car, and showed it to the cop each time and pathetically explained that I had tried to change it myself but was unsuccessful.  And they all let me on my way.   But I was not entirely lucky.  Sometime in the those 5 days, a speed camera ticket arrived for me.  Drat, foiled again!


This is from my drive home.  Sniff. My former drive home.  From Muscatine to Iowa City.  Its from a plant that distributes these blue pipes.


LOVE this one.  LOVE Mousse.  She is drooling while Paula makes Christmas cookies in the background.  🙂


More Christmas cookies in progress.  This particular batch- kringla, now that I think back about it, never left our apartment. And Joe didn’t really like them.  Which mathematically means I ATE (nearly) ALL OF THEM.  yikes.  And then I went to the Bailey Christmas and ate more of them, because Angie’s kringla is even better! Which is why January = healthy choices. There, I said it.  Hold me to it!


Close up of a plate that was shortly thereafter packed up, not to be seen again for a year or so.


Joe’s chicken fajitas. Did I mention how lucky I am that Joe is such a good cook? Cuz I am. And I know it.

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