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DailyBaileys 365 Project >>Third week of December


Third batch! Order up!


Getting creative with Christmas gifts.  Sock Monkey + bottle of wine = one fun monkey.


Little teeny snowflakes.


Christmastime bliss.


Christmas at the Baileys.  Like I could possibly pick just one picture of our adorable, awesome, fun nieces and nephews. So for the first time ever (in what? 4 posts?) I am breaking my one picture per day rule.  Here goes:

Ethan!! On the move.

Molly & Hannah- love their smiles.

Love ALL the smiles!

Hannah looking so grown up!

Love Madi’s tie-dye!

Ava and her blueblue eyes.

Jonah & Nolan hoop it up.

The boys tolerate my paparazzi picture taking.


Molly cheeses it up for me before attacking Uncle Joe with wrapping paper roll.


There is no picture.  For shame.


Winter solstice. Full moon.  Lunar eclipse.  (Okay, I didn’t stay up that late). The nerd in me digs this.  The same nerd that created an educational presentation about lunar eclipses for fun for her family, with her cat serving as her assistant.  In sixth grade.

Stay tuned, Christmas is right around the corner!

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