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1089 Miles


There is something you should know: Joe & I LOVE road trips!

Here is the story of one such road trip.

We left Iowa City on Friday, January 7 and drove as far Oklahoma City that night and the rest of the way to College Station the next day.

When we got up early to leave on Friday morning, a new layer of snow was there to bid us farewell.

Iowa went by fast.  Missouri got less snowy and  icy with every mile further south (or southwest, rather).  Kansas was beyond frustrating as Starbucks evaded me for the entire state.  Right before we left Missouri, I tried to stop at one, but my brand new gps LIED to me about its existence.  And then I got lost in a construction zone. Not a good way for the new gps and I to build trust.  “It’s okay”, I thought, “I’ll just stop at the next one.  Here it is.. its only… 178 miles away???? wtf?!?”   But I lived and eventually we made it to OKC.  (Is that an abbreviation people use? it feels right).

An aside from the stop in Oklahoma: This is my Adventure Hat.  And this is my new favorite shirt.  It says “Well, I happen to like it here”.  Thanks Dave & Cruiser!

We drove both cars down, so we were on own.  But here is a glimpse into one of our phone conversations.

Joe: I’m out of beef jerky.

Me: Hey, I just saw a sign for an exotic animal park. Wanna stop??

Joe: Umm… okay!

Me: Exit 164, see you there!

Here are some of the highlights:

(albino lion)

(it didn’t seem right how close we were to the animals)

(i thought this was a kangaroo until stood up and walked around on 4 similarly lengthed legs. confusing to say the least.)

(the whole park had a faint smell of raw meat, it was pretty unappetizing.)

(Joe fed this monkey even though he was not supposed to, causing me to freak out.  i am a rule follower.  those rules are there for a reason.  what if the monkey chokes the cereal??)

(hyenas have a pretty bad rep, but these dudes seemed pretty cool)

(Joe says the caption for this picture should be ‘Waaaassssssssuuuuuup’.)


Alright, now its 1:30 on Saturday and we were

only90 miles outside of OKC.  We saddled back up and headed on.  Before long…

We made it!  By 6:30 we were eating pizza and crazy bread in our new apartment!

(And once we finish unpacking, I just might post some pictures it).

Happy (practically) Friday!!

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  1. Megan permalink
    01/21/2011 11:01 am

    Ligers are real?! Why is that not the focus of this post?
    PS – It did not cross my mind that you would have to drive seperate cars. I like the phone conversation.

    • 01/21/2011 11:26 pm

      Megs- You know, it really didn’t cross my mind either- until about 2 days before we left and I realized I would have to drive myself the entire 17ish hours and not, as I had planned, sleep approximately 13 of those hours. On the plus side, I wasn’t trapped in a car that smells like beef jerky!
      And yeah! Ligers are fo real! And if you google ‘hybrid animals’ there are a bunch of other fun ones… my favorite? zonkey.

  2. Kerry permalink
    01/26/2011 10:00 am

    Loving your blog Monkey! (I threw Monkey in there so you weren’t like, “Kerry? Kerry Who? I haven’t spoken to Kerry Megraw in forever! Didn’t she get married? What is her last name now…” How did I do on your innermonologue????)

    Anyway two comments:

    Why is a rooster at the exotic animal farm?

    Love your Iowa shirt. Megan got one that says: “Quad Cities. Twice as nice as the Twin Cities”

  3. Karra permalink
    03/02/2011 7:54 am

    I have some problems with this farm you visited..
    1. The cages. Molly set them free!
    2. The breeding.. This is just all together creepy…I am not even sure if they are suppose to friends let alone lovers?
    3. The rooster? (your friend made that point and I agree)

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