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Everything Tastes Better in Texas


Boy, am I excited!!!!! I have such a treat for you- a guest blog post!!!!!!!!

This last weekend (I know, I have skipped over March entirely.  I will remedy this shortly. Hopefully.) one of my most favoritest besties came to visit.  And upon her return to Indianapolis, Kara wrote a post about her trip.  I have included a few pictures to help illustrate her words.  It was such a fun weekend!!!! But I’ll let her tell you about it….

Donuts, coffee, McDonald’s cheeseburgers…it all tastes better in Texas. Especially in the company of Molly and Joe! My Texas adventure started with Joe and I celebrity spotting at Bracket Town in Houston while Molly finished up a hard day’s work. We saw the likes of Lute Olsen and Desmond Howard while we learned the finer points of fencing. We both now consider ourselves classically trained fencers.
I was then introduced to even more Baileys! Joe’s super friendly brother and sister-in-law and niece took us to have THE BEST FAJITAS EVER!!!! I have never been so impressed with a tortilla. Especially a tortilla that stayed fresh all night into the next day when Molly had it as a mid-day snack…that’s right Megan, some tortillas do make it till the morning.
Saturday morning we piled in the Honda in search of adventure and donuts. Molly and Joe introduced me to Shipley’s Donuts. THE BEST DONUTS EVER!!!  I highly recommend “The Bullseye.” Glazed donut with chocolate frosting, whipped cream and of course sprinkles. No donuts will ever stack up.
After we filled up on donuts we ventured to Galveston, Texas and took our first ferry ride.  We saw dolphins and Joe made friends with some excited Kentucky fans. Afterwards we walked around Galveston which was filled with touristy shops, yummy looking restaurants and really interesting buildings. We enjoyed some fish tacos and crab cakes in the sun before heading into Houston.
We wanted to be apart of the action in Houston for the Final Four so Joe was kind enough to drive us around and look for parking while Molly and I looked for a bar. We settled on where else then Molly’s Pub!! After savoring some Blue Moons and watching a Butler victory (sadly their last) we headed to College Station.
Molly and Joe took me around College Station and the Texas A&M campus where I saw the biggest class ring EVER and went to my first ever Ben and Jerry’s!!!!! Their sweet cream and cookies ice cream was delicious. I saw more of their town when Molly and I went on a run, beautiful paths and parks are all around their apartment. It was great working up a sweat in the Texas heat after layering up for months in the Indiana cold!!
Afterwards the Baileys made me the a delicious dinner of gyoza and Asian coleslaw. We chowed down. I am extremely impressed with their culinary skills.
Molly and I ended the day with a relaxing soak in the apartment complex’s hot tub because that’s how we roll.
Thanks to Molly and Joe for a wonderful mini-vacation!!!!
No, thank YOU Kara, for coming to visit!!!! What a delicous visit we had! Miss you already!
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  1. Kara permalink
    04/08/2011 8:25 am

    The picture of me and the class ring might be the most awkward picture I have ever taken…

    • 04/08/2011 5:16 pm

      Haha! And it was the best of the 4!! You should have seen the others… 🙂 Want me to take it down? You’ll have to email me some of your pics.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    08/16/2016 1:57 pm

    Hey I recognize that shipley’s, Hahaha! In pearland!


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