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February Part2


One of the best weekends in February, one of the best we spent while in Texas, I really didn’t spend much time taking pictures.  It was the 3rd weekend of February and it was starting to warm up.  Joe’s parents had driven down from Iowa and we met up with them down in Katy where Joe’s brother Chris and his wife Karen, and our oldest (and taller than me) niece, Lauren, all live.  They welcomed us to their home and their state with open arms.  It was such a relaxing and fun weekend spending time with family.  And we were introduced to Lupe Tortilla! My favorite BY FAR Mexican restaurant we’ve eaten at down here.  There was also shopping and marshmallow roasting.  Another highlight: Joe & I got our animal fix, hanging out with their awesome dogs: Zoe, the Rhodesian Ridgeback (a breed of dogs that has historically HUNTED DOWN LIONS in Africa) and Winnie, the Golden Retriever.  Both dogs are so sweet and so beautiful and love their ice cubes!!  Here’s Winnie:

Larry and Carol came up to College Station before driving back north.  We investigated a BBQ place we hadn’t tried before and…. LOVED IT!!

This is a Texas A & M thing… They say “Saw ’em off” in regards to the University of Texas Longhorns.  It’s all on their shirts and bumper stickers and whatnot.  I contend that you shouldn’t use your rival’s mascot to show your support for your team.  I’m just sayin.

Signs of spring.  This made February Molly VERY happy- she usually spends most of the month napping when its still cold out and she is certain that spring may never come.

(do you see my little spider friend?? he’s shy)

Have you ever had quinoa?? We are pretty sure its pronounced keen-wah.  At least that’s what we’ve been going with.   This tasty little dish, amazingly enough, is one that I made first!  I took one look at all the ingredients and realized we love them all.  Well except the quinoa- that one I had never heard of.  My ‘Anyone Can Cook’ book taught me that its a super-grain! That’s gotta be good, right?  So I followed the instructions and transformed it from ….

To this!

And then we mixed it with the likes of spinach, avocado, tomatoes, red onions, and FETA!

More springtime goodness.  Playing with my super-zoom lens that I am still a bit intimidated by.

How cute is that little guy?!!

Also spotted on my nature walk…

Armadillo pancake.. wah waaah.

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