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Walt R. Melon


True story from the life & times.

Yesterday, I knew Joe would be doing the weekly grocery shopping and whilst reminiscing about some delicious watermelon I had this past weekend (because what 4th of July would be complete without it?) I texted him and asked him if he would please get some watermelon from the store.

When I got home from work, I had the pleasure- and surprise- to meet this big guy.


Meet Walt.

Walt R. Melon.


The following conversation ensued:

“You got a watermelon THIS BIG for the two of us to eat?!?!?!?!”

“No, I’m mildly allergic to watermelon.”

“You got a watermelon THIS BIG for JUST ME TO EAT?!?!?!”

“Well, it was the same price for one no matter what size, so I had to get my money’s worth.”

“It’s as big as my head!!!!!!”

And it is. As big as my head. Bigger.


I tried lifting Walt over my head, but I am pretty weak. And he is big. And I was afraid of dropping him off the balcony.


But I like the challenge this big guy presents.  I have taken it up willingly.  Here’s my progress so far.

Wish me luck!



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  1. Connie Terry permalink
    07/07/2011 9:03 pm

    GOOD LUCK Molly!! If I was there I could help. I love watermelon and haven’t had any yet this summer. Connie

  2. 07/10/2011 9:58 am

    You cold infuse it with vodka and invite the neighbors. Very patriotic 4th -of-July kind of hospitality.

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