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A Tale of Two Steaks


In our quest to taste all that Philadelphia has to offer, Philly cheesesteaks were at the top of our list.  Only, here they don’t call them Philly cheesesteaks.  It’s just cheese steak.  Or even, just steaks.  As in, “you know where you find the best steaks? Jims.”  They are teaching me the lingo at work.  They are also making sure I am ready for when I go to Gino’s, which a)apparently has good cheesesteaks and b)apparently does not tolerate dilly dallying in line.  So when I go, I will simply say “whiz witout”.  meaning, cheese whiz without the onions.  And Joe might say “whiz wit”, meaning of course, cheese whiz with onions.

But I am ahead of myself.  On our tour of steaks, we haven’t made it to Gino’s yet.   In a matter of one weekend though, we did hit up two other places.  Saturday, we followed the recommendations of some local peeps and walked over to Jim’s Steaks.  Our biggest mistake was that we were good and hungry by the time we left.  Then it turned out to be about a 2 mile walk.  Okay, fine.  It’s a little hot out, but that’s okay.  Then we saw the line.  Whew!  It snaked through the restaurant and out the door, and around the corner.  But 45 minutes later, we had our sandwiches!  We both went with the cheese whiz, even though it wouldn’t be Joe’s first choice, because we wanted to be traditional for our first sandwich.



So then Sunday, we were meeting up with Joe’s former, but always fabulous, boss Yvette for dinner.  And cheesesteaks were on the menu again!  This time… Tony Luke’s!

In my hunger and excitement, I sadly did not get a picture of our actually sandwiches.  Whoops.  But rest assured, they were tasty!!  This time around, I went with provolone cheese.  Don’t tell anyone around here, but I liked it better.

A few other sights while we’ve been out and about.

Sitting on the steps in front of the Art Museum on our Every Friday Walk.

The view from the stairs.  Not too shabby.

What up Ben.

Any places you’ve visited or eaten at in Philadelphia that we should check out??

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