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Don’t read this if you are hungry and you like donuts.


Joe & I are really excited about all the places nearby that we can visit while we are here.  We are less than 2 hours from Washington DC, New York City, the shore, and Baltimore.  Additionally, we have a Super Weekend planned for Joe’s birthday weekend, where we hope to hit up a Buffalo Bills game and check that off Joe’s Bucket List and if we are lucky, see the Hawkeyes play in University Park against Penn State.  SUPER FOOTBALL BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!

(And Joe hasn’t signed off on this one yet, but I am hoping for a little road trip later in the fall to see some fall foliage. The prospect of which both excites me and makes me feel… well… maybe a little lame. Who gets excited to drive and look at trees??  …yeah, me.  But I happen to like nature a lot.)

Anyway, we have all these fun side trips we want to take, but we have been staying put these first few weekends.  We have been warned about all the traffic on the weekends with everyone trying to fit one last trip to the shore or to head to DC or whatnot.  So we’ve planned a lot of these trips for September & October and in the meantime, we are continuing to explore Philly.

Or in some cases, just going back to the same places, because damn, that roast pork sandwich was good.

Which is what we did last weekend.  Back to the Redding Terminal Market.  I had vague intentions of trying something new. There are tons of vendors.  Tons of eye catching treats.  Tons of mouth watering smells.

And yet, I found myself back in this line.

With no regrets.

The Market is open all week long, but naturally, extra busy on Saturday.  This Saturday was no exception, and perhaps even more so since it was the Dutch Festival.  As a part of he Dutch Festival, the Pennsylvania Amish were there and they had all these extra special booths set up with things like homemade ice cream, funnel cakes, homemade beer, fudge, & roasted peanuts.  All kinds of delicious.

So while I am waiting in line for my roast pork sandwich, I am subjected to the viewing of freshly made donuts.  Oh wow.  Not only did they look oh so good, the smell was intoxicating.  When Joe came to check on my progress in line – he was on beverage and seating duty- I looked at him with wild eyes and told him under no circumstance would I leave without a donut.

So after devouring our sandwiches and stopping here to get mussels to make for dinner during the week….

I jump in line for the donuts.  While waiting, I saw another batch of glazed go through.

First, they fried it in Delicious.

Then came the Love and Goodness and All That is Right With the World.

A blanket of Love.

All kinds of Goodness.

See, All That is Right With the World.

All ready to bring happiness into someone’s life.

As I moved forward in line, I was faced with the decision of what kind of donut to get.  Glazed, sugar, cream-filled, jelly-filled, several others I can’t remember now.

Joe has introduced me to a lot of wonderful foods and for that I am grateful.  One such food is filled donuts.  In a previous life, these held zero interest for me.  But I’ve come a long way.  I now especially like the ones with pudding (Bavarian cream??) and the raspberry filled.

So naturally, I am eying the filled donuts.  They appear to be either strawberry or raspberry.  I can deal with that.  But the glazed donut catches my eye.  It pleads with me.  But Molly, you’ve known me all my life. You aren’t just going to leave me here, are you?  You’ve seen me through it all.  Don’t you remember the part where they glazed me???

Waffling back and forth, its almost my turn in line.

Then I remember.  They are only 75 cents.  I’ll take both, please.

After getting my donuts, we wandered over to some produce vendors.  I think we were hunting for an eggplant.

But everything just looked too… I don’t know… healthy.

So we headed on home.

Yay Market! Yay donuts!!

PS:  donut or doughnut?? I know technically its doughnut.  The red squiggly line under donut confirms that.  But to me its a grey/gray kinda thing.  And I pick donut.  And gray.  (But never a gray donut).

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  1. Paula permalink
    08/21/2011 6:40 pm

    your life is so cool. and there is nothing wrong with driving to look at trees! we miss you here in iowa!!!
    drew, paula, ev, and especially mousse

  2. MARV permalink
    08/22/2011 6:23 pm


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