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Where We Live: Apartment Tour


First things first: don’t worry, we’re okay!! We can now check ‘survive an earthquake’ off our bucket list.  (First, of course, we will need to add it to our bucket list).  And we are currently crafting our first ever Bailey Family Hurricane Survival Guide.  To aid us in the process, our official Hurricane Irene correspondent (my mom) has given us many important tips.  And perhaps more helpful, Joe has been in touch with friend Garrett who lives in South Carolina and can be considered a much more reliable source.  (No offense, Mom.  But you are in Iowa).

But before the imminent danger is upon us, I thought I’d show you around our apartment 🙂

Since we move every 3 months or so, when we are headed to a new place we look for furnished housing.  This helps not having to rent a UHaul and move all our worldly belonging and heavy furniture every change of seasons.  Finding a furnished place in Philadelphia was no exception.  And we wanted to be downtown(Center City), so I could walk to work.  The Housing Committee (Joe) worked hard on this list of demands and made a lot of phone calls (thank goodness, so I didn’t have to!) and sent a lot of emails and we finally tracked down a place.  Things in Center City were pretty pricey, but we agreed we didn’t need anything too big or fancy.  And the wonderful thing was that it was all arranged before we left Wisconsin or went on vacation so we didn’t have to stress about it (oh… I haven’t put up any pictures from Colorado? Remind me to do that soon.  Maybe this weekend if we don’t have to evacuate).

When we pulled into Philly about a month ago, we were pleased to find out that these people from Craig’s List were legit and there was indeed an apartment waiting for us.  The shock of the size (apparently I hadn’t really looked at the pictures they emailed us) wore off quickly and we are enjoying our dormroom studio apartment.  It’s nice and cozy, and I am never more than 6 steps away from the ice cream in the freezer.

So here we go.. welcome!

This is actually the back of the building, but the front is pretty boring and our apartment is on this side.  All the way up on the 15th floor!

As you walk in the door, you go through a little hallway and it opens up to this:

Same thing, but standing in the kitchen looking the other way.  Bed, desk, trrrible futon, and nice big windows.

Standing in the corner by the futon, looking towards the hallway.  The artwork on the walls is pretty random. and pretty lame.  The guy texting is pretty cute. and pretty awesome.

And here is out kitchen! Perhaps the thing that took the most getting used it.  We have a little stove and oven, a fridge I am taller than, and a wall of shelves.

No dishwasher= drying rack.  Drying rack=no counter space.  Our solution to this was to make the table an extra counter.  The chairs they had on either side of it were too tall to sit at and be able to put your legs under the table. Unless your things are 2 inches.   Mine are not. So we moved the chairs over and they became shelving units. And we scooted the table closer to the kitchen and put the spices and knives on there.  We’re making it work!!

When you first walk into the apartment, to the left is a large closet that goes through to the bathroom.  The closet is probably bigger than the kitchen.

I love the big windows.  I have a sunlight quota I have to meet each day, and these windows help.  The only downside is how close we are to the next apartment, along the adjacent wall, so I don’t love feeling like people can see in if we have the blinds wide open.  But on a nice sunny day, here is our view.  The river you can see is the Schuylkill River.

And here’s the view on a rainy evening..

And that’s about all! But remember, you can’t spell humble abode with H-O-M-E!!

(I’m waiting for Joe to tell me how over-the-top cheesy that last line was.  But he’ll be okay.)

Oh, and have a great weekend!!! We’ll say hi to Irene for ya! (but hopefully not)

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  1. Di Schutt permalink
    08/27/2011 6:17 am

    It was fun to see how you guys will be living for the next few months. Life , for you two, sure is an adventure. Enjoy…Stay safe…

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