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State Quarter Project: Texas


Well, we survived Hurricane Irene!! Thankfully, it was a pretty uneventful weekend.  Mostly we just ate some good food, watching movies/Mad Men/Community, played on our computers, and got a little stir crazy being indoors so much.  But with all that time on my computer, I went through some pictures and found not one, but TWO state quarters we have spent and not reported on.  So here we go… TEXAS!

While we lived in College Station, the town I worked in was Brenham… home of the Blue Bell Creamery.  I knew from my first spoonful that I would be eating a lot of Blue Bell while in Texas.  It was simply wonderful ice cream.  And I knew I wanted to spend my state quarter on Blue Bell.  We tracked down a place that sold it, and on a sunny March day we got our scoops! At Scoops!

Now comes the hard part… deciding what flavor to get.

Cookies n’ Cream!  I never regret it when I get this flavor.  And Blue Bell is so creamy and wonderful, and had a great oreo to ice cream ratio.

I am not sure what flavor Joe got… looks like maybe peach or something.

Stay tuned for Wisconsin.   Spoiler alert: I got frozen custard, not ice cream.  But its okay, I’m in charge of the rules.  I ruled an exception.

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  1. Andy permalink
    08/28/2011 7:31 pm

    I am very proud of Joe for having a “Bailey” sized serving and not a girly sized cone like you Molly. Way to go Joe!


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