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State Quarter Project: Wisconsin


Once upon a Saturday in June, Joe & I traveled north from Kenosha, beyond the cheese castle, to a place called Milwaukee.

We had embarked on quest to find some tasty ice cream treats and spend my Wisconsin state quarter. I had done my research, beseeching recommendations from co-workers and friends alike. And the resounding suggestion was such….


Now Kopp’s serves frozen custard, which is found to be quite the popular treat in Wisconsin.  Hmm… that’s not ice cream…  So I met with the State Quarter Project Commissioning Committee and the ruling was made:  frozen custard= allowed.

The animal on the quarter looked all too familiar.

We learned a few facts about Wisconsin and headed in to make some flavor desicions.

And… cookies and cream again!

And for Joe… a butterscotch shake.  He had been craving one for weeks, which I think is just about the weirdest thing ever to crave.   But he happily answered that craving.

MMmmm… I think he likes it!

And as for mine, tasty!

…but not my favorite.  The frozen custard is uber creamy.  Which is a good thing, yes, but also gets to be a little much.

So of the 5 state quarters we have spent, I would rate Kopp’s as numero4.

Here’s a little bit about the first three quarters.  And a belated Texas review.

All this talk about ice cream is making me hungry.  That cookie dough ice cream in the freezer is calling my name!

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  1. Marie Eckstein permalink
    09/07/2011 10:07 pm

    You make me laugh! Keep on posting.

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