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How We Celebrate: Labor Day


Fact: I love parks.

Love them.

I love finding new parks wherever we go.  I love all my old favorite ones.  I love exploring them on a run.  I love reading a book on a blanket in a park.  I love dragging Joe to one with the promise of food or a frisbee.  Or both.

Which is what worked on Sunday.  I had been wanting to explore West Fairmount Park.  All it took to get Joe there was a Jimmy John’s sandwich and our frisbee whose name is LaVar.

{I had tried to explore the park on my own one other time, by way of a run… but I had underestimate the distance to get there and then to run around to look at the sights, and -oh yeah- run back home.  Foolishly, I was wearing my spray-on shoes (vibram five finger shoes) and I hadn’t really increased my milage in them past 4 or 5 miles… so 7 miles later, I was a-hurtin.}

But I digress.  I wanted to explore the very large park for all kinds reasons.  I had seen from the other side of the Schuylkill River, in the East side of the park and I had done a little research and learned that the zoo was over there, and a large Civil War monument, and several old mansions from the 1700s, and AND! back in 1876- you know, the 1ooth birthday of our country, Philadelphia hosted the Centennial Exhibition.  The nation’s first World Fair.  And it was right there in the park! It drew a quarter of the population of the US.  Crazy.  The only remaining building is Memorial Hall, which has been turned into a children’s ‘hands-on ‘museum, called the Please Touch Museum.

So with a nice day, a picnic packed (even dessert and lemonade!), a frisbee friend, and a camera, we headed to the park.  Joe stopped the car almost immediately upon entering because he saw a group of men playing cricket, all decked out in the white outfits and everything.  So that’s where we picnicked.

It was hard to get Joe’s attention away from the cricket.  He surprisingly knew a fair bit about the sport.  I even looked it up later to see if he was just making stuff up, but he is legit.

Can you see them back there?  How about we bring them into focus?

We were pretty far to get any good action shots.  And I felt a little creepy taking pictures from afar.

While Joe watched the match, I  went wandering to take pictures of the Civil War Monument.

I read the sign all about when it was built and all the people on it… but those kinds of facts just don’t stick in my head.

But one cool fact that I do remember is that bench you can see beyond the arch, that curves along the back, is called the Whispering Bench.  And if you sit on one end and whisper, a person sitting on the other end can hear you.  I always think things like that are so cool! I’d like to be able to tell you how well it works, but I couldn’t drag Joe away from cricket long enough to try it.  I’ll just have to take the sign’s word for it.

I have no idea if this is the same McClellan as Camp McClellan/McClellan Heights in Davenport, but I am going to go ahead and assume it is.  How many McClellan’s can there be that were BFDs in the Civil War??

Tired of arch pictures yet?  One more close up of a light post, keep scrolling, you are almost there.

Having taken more monument pictures than necessary, I wandered back to where Joe was and also where dessert was.

Why should Oreo Balls be enjoyed only at Christmas time?? They shouldn’t.  They are far too delicious.  Admittedly, this is my second batch.  The first ones I made during the hurricane and bad things happened.  Bad, bad things.  I do NOT like screwing up my desserts and letting them win, so I had to make them again.  We will call these Labor Day Oreo Truffles.  Fancy, huh?

If you could see what the other batch looked like, you would know what a victory these were.  (I suppose you could see what the other batch looked like if I were to, I don’t know, say- post pictures of them…. Okay, maybe.)


After our picnic, we drove around and saw more the park and played with LaVar for a bit.  Joe is a pretty patient guy to play frisbee with me.  I am mostly terrible.  Especially at the throwing part.  And he has learned through the years that it is a more enjoyable experience for all involved if he doesn’t try and coach me through the finer points of perfecting my technique.  It’s just easier to chase down my wild throws.  And after he got tired of chasing down said wild throws, we invited a new game.  It’s called ‘Noodles’ (after our future dog).   I stand next to Joe and he says ‘go!’ and I start running and he throws the frisbee and I try to run it out and catch it.  Its about a 10% success rate, but surprisingly fun.

And thus ended the enjoyable part of the picnic.  It was around this time that we decided Joe would drive the car home and I wanted to run home from the park.  That was all fine and dandy until about 5 minutes into the run when I realized I had too many oreo balls and too few time to digest them.  First I thought I was going to die.  Then I thought I might throw up.  Then I was hoping for either of those two options to put me out of my misery.  Am I being dramatic?  Probably.  But it was awful.  Never again.

But West Fairmount Park again? Yup, for sure!  It was a great park and I can’t wait to see it when all the leaves start turning colors.  Plus, I have to get a picture of Memorial Hall!

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  1. Carol Bailey permalink
    09/09/2011 6:16 pm

    Molly, I love your blog!! You have such a clever and fun way of expressing yourself.
    I laughed so hard tears were running down my cheek when I read about the “Noodles” game. Thanks for the great belly laugh–haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. 🙂
    Loved your pictures, too. I’m glad you guys are getting to see and experience so many interesting things. So, where to next??

  2. Mike permalink
    09/13/2011 9:02 pm

    Is Joe eating a #10 in that picture? That’s what I (almost) always get from JJ’s (but without the mayo). Also, I really want to make those Oreo desserts now. They look amazing!

  3. Holly and Ty Christensen permalink
    09/19/2011 9:22 am

    Molly, we love reading your posts! It’s fun to keep track of you guys. Where will you be heading next?? Also, the oreo balls look amazing…what is the recipe?!
    Hope to talk to you soon!


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