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Can You Feel the Love Tonight?


Our two year anniversary is upon us and a special post is in order!

I have been going through wedding pictures lately and wanted to share a few from one of my favorite memories of the most fun day of my life.

{I have been going through the bajillion pictures in an effort to meet my self-appointed deadline of our anniversary to finish a wedding album/photobook.  pathetic that it took me this long, but the deadline worked! its done and its beautiful and I’m sick of looking at our faces}

Anyway, back to one of my favorite memories.  Here’s the background.  At the reception, my Uncle Kevin was in charge of announcing the bridal party as they walked in.  Joe & I had written little random intros for everyone.  I knew Kevin would be perfect for the job, but what I didn’t know was that

a) he brought Flat Joe (complete with tux!) with him

b) he told everyone that in lieu of clinking glasses  to get Joe & I to kiss, their table would have to sing a song with the word ‘love’ in it if they wanted a kiss.

We had no idea about this! So you can imagine our surprise, and a bit of confusion when, after we had been introduced and entered the reception and got to our table, that Kevin sang a line of a song to us and everyone said we had to kiss.  I just figured my uncle wanted to provide a little serenade as long as he had the microphone. And if the people want us to kiss, well then, by all means!  My mom filled me on what was going on and it wasn’t a moment too soon.

All throughout dinner, we had all different tables calling for the microphone and singing us love songs.  It was so fun, so funny, and sometimes even surprising!  I just wish I could remember all the songs everyone sang, I only remember a few.  So if you are reading this and you remember any, let me know!  Also, our photographer (Todd from Creative Wedding Package… amazing!)  captured so many good pics of tables singing, but he was eating during dinner too (understandably), so I am not positive he got every table that sang.  I love all the pictures he did get though, and as I looked back through them I felt so much warm fuzzy goodness and all the love from family and friends.

So here we go!
In addition to the first song from Kevin (sadly, I can’t remember what it was ), here are the other serenades.

Joe’s aunts were among the first to call for the microphone.

The best man’s dad, Jerry Boelman, led everyone in a rousing version of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame” because Joe LOVES baseball.

The Koestners, Aitchisons, Gilchrists, and company brought in a ringer! Claire lent her beauteous voice to the wedding ceremony and this table called on her for solo for them.

Nieces and Joe’s sister Jenny serenaded us with, if I remember right, “I Love You, You Love Me” from Barney.

We’ve got full participation from this table of friends parents, family friends.

This one took me by surprise!  At one point, you could a lone male voice crooning “you’re just too good to be true.. can’t take my eyes off of you” but you couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from, or who it was.  Then, there stood my cousin Dan in the doorway.  What a voice!  I didn’t even know he could sing!

Another extraordinary talent!  California Love as performed by Joe’s book friend Zach, featuring Scott. AWESOME!

Joe’s siblings rocking out some Elvis Presley.  Love the backup singers!

And the grand finale:

High school BFFs singing ‘I LOVE big butts’!

A special thank you to all the brave souls who made our wedding day so special and memorable!! Joe practically got his wish to have karaoke at the reception and I practically had a reenactment of the Love Actually wedding surprise singing!

And to my sweet husband, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  I like you pretty okay and these past 2 years have been pretty alright.  Here’s to the many adventures to come!

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  1. Marie Eckstein permalink
    09/12/2011 8:56 pm

    Your wedding was SO FUN! The pictures brought back lots of good memories. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Carol Bailey permalink
    09/13/2011 8:46 am

    Thanks for bringing back so many good memories. Yes, it was a fun wedding! I tried calling you guys last night to wish you a happy anniversary, but you were probably out celebrating. Love you both and hope you had a happy anniversary!!
    Mom B.

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