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We’ve got our next assignment all set up!  YAY! Here are a few pictures to help you figure out just where we are going. Any guesses???

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  1. 09/22/2011 9:16 pm

    It look very similar to DUBUQUE! And I’m not sure about the little kids, but I’m assuming they’re family that you are moving closer too! We would be VERY excited if you were coming back to iowa 😀

  2. Colleen havens permalink
    09/23/2011 5:40 am

    Dubuque, Dubuque! I knew it as soon as I saw the gold courthouse! I am in Dubuque! If you have questions, need a place to love, anything, please let me know! Welcome Baileys!

    • 09/23/2011 1:56 pm

      Thanks Colleen! If you meant places to live and know of any good apartment places, we’ll be on the hunt and would love to pointed in the right direction. But if you meant places to love, we’d love to hear those too!

  3. Di Schutt permalink
    09/23/2011 5:54 am

    Okay, I do know where you are going…Dubuque…How wonderful…..home for the holidays.

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