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Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

Fact: I LOVE Halloween.  I love candy. I love dressing up.  I like all the spooky stuff okay.  But mostly the dressing up and the candy.  I mean, what kind of genius came up with this idea, and managed to combine two of my favorite things??  When it comes to costumes, I love the creativity behind so many of them.  The store bought ones are okay, but what I really love are the creative ones, put together with things you have (plus a few necessary accessories, wigs, or hats).  And this time of year, I am loving facebook with everyone uploading their pics.  I can tell I am getting older though, as there are less ‘slutty {insert anything, ever here}’ and more pictures of people’s kids.

Sadly, we are driving across the eastern part of the country today, so there isn’t much celebrating going on.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  I am wearing my crab hat. And Joe is singing ‘This is Halloween’ from Nightmare Before Christmas.

But in order to help celebrate, I wanted to share a few of our past Halloweens.

Princess Leia, senior year of college.  I was a finalist in the costume contest at the bar!  But sadly lost to Sexy Penguin.

(I’m Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffaney’s, and Joe is present day Justin Timberlake (circa 2006) to go with past Justin Timberlake- boy band style)

Annie and Karate Kid (for my PT class Halloween party)

Last year’s costume.  It was a last minute decision to go out, so this is what Joe came up with.

And the Hamburgular!! I found the hat at a costume shop (that awesome one in Iowa City, by Little Cesear’s) and added the yellow band and then just added white tape to black clothes and made the cape, mask, and tie out of some fabric.  Supper easy! (Except, those pants are stretchy yoga pants and I put the tape on while not wearing the pants, so when I went to try them on, the fabric wanted to stretch, but the tape wouldn’t let it go anywhere.  things had to be adjusted.)

That’s all I’ve got.  Hope your Halloween is magical and sugar-filled.

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  1. shannon permalink
    10/31/2011 7:29 am

    Big Blue and Arley in one post?!?! I think I might die. Happy Halloween and 5 days til Iowa CIty reunion!! Big gulps filled with adult beverages for old time sake??

  2. Di Schutt permalink
    10/31/2011 11:57 am

    You guys are so much fun….

  3. Paula permalink
    10/31/2011 6:45 pm

    this makes me happy! miss you molly!!!

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