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Capital or Capitol? Capitol.


The United States Capitol.  Touring the inside and taking lots of pictures outside.

(What’s he doing???)

Okay, let’s just all the goofy pictures of Joe done with up front…

Lookin good in those headphones!!

All these pillars hold up the weight of the dome above.  This fact is potentially more interesting if I remembered how many pillars there are or how heavy the dome part it is… sorry.

Woo!! But forget facts, check out that ceiling!! Awesome!!

A little hard to see, but that bottom ring is painted to look like statues.

Closer up view.

Looking across the Rotunda.

All the states can have 2 statues.  They are located all over the Capitol.  States can switch them out for a different person at their choosing.  We only found one of Iowa’s.  What up, Kirkwood?

So here’s Freedom.  Well, a replica of the statue that sits on top of the Capitol.

The most fascinating part about her, to us, was the eagle on her head.

As I’m looking at these pictures, I was briefly wishing we had blue skies that day, to make for a better background.  But then I remember how it was supposed to have rained all day long, but we didn’t see a drop.  We felt so lucky to have avoided spending the day huddled under our umbrella, dashing from one place to the next.  So I’ll take the overcast clouds.  They were much preferred to the forecasted rain!



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