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DC Eats


We ate some awesome food while in DC.  I am still dreaming about it.  Forget going back to Philly for cheesesteaks, I want Round 2 with DC food.

The first place we went, I was mostly only excited about the name.

We, the Pizza.  Great name.

Joe wanted to check it out because a favorite chef on Top Chef is an owner/chef here.

Spike!! (I know, not a great picture.  Sorry.  I was probably too hungry to take another).

We were pretty hungry and there were so many slices to choose from, that we ended up each ordering two, agreeing to help each other with them.  Let’s see if I can remember what they all are.  Left to right: buffalo chicken, meatball, BBQ, and mushroom.  I think the mushroom one had a fancier name… but I can’t remember.

I ordered the meatball because it looked fabulous– and it was- and the buffalo chicken, because that’s a go-to flavor I always enjoy.  I was not really interested in Joe’s as much.  But my buffalo chicken had a stronger blue cheese taste than I expected, and that’s more Joe’s thing.  I tried a bite of the mushroom pizza, and HOLY COW!!!! I was in love.  So we switched our slices, and I still think I got the better end of the deal.  The flavors of the mushroom pizza were subtle and earthy, and the texture was not at all rubbery (like I anticipated).


We tried to go back the next day.  Really.  But they are closed on Sundays.  We were so glad we had gone Saturday and not saved it for the next day, because then we would have missed out all together.

The other place we went, we got pretty lucky about too.

Ben’s Chili Bowl.

When we first arrived, on foot and very hungry, there was a sign on the door that said ‘closed, due to plumbing problems’.  But there was also a line of people out front.  So naturally we just got in line.  Joe went back up to investigate further and found another sign that they would be re-opening at 7:00.  It was 6:55.  What luck!! So within 10 minutes, we were sitting at the counter ordering our Half-smoked chili dogs.

I love hot dogs, but I have never had any interest in a chili dog.  Not one bit.  But I am always up for an adventure, so I went for it.

Bill Cosby is a big fan of Ben’s and his favorite is the half-smoked chili dog.  (There is a sign in there that only Bill Cosby and President Obama eat for free).  I value Dr. Huxtable’s  opinion, so I ordered that.  Its half pork, half beef.  Joe got the same, with mustard (yuck) and onions.  I can’t remember if either of us had cheese or not.

WOW!!! Ben did not let me down!!! My first experience with a chili dog was a wonderful one.  The flavor of the chili stole the show.  But as filling as it was, and believe me it was, I started eyeing the cheese fries the girl next to me was eating.  So when someone stopped back to ask how we were doing, I blurted out “And can we have some cheese fries too!?!”  Joe just looked at me like “Who are you and where did that come from??”  No regrets.  Those cheese fries were magical.  I destroyed them.  I didn’t take a picture because they were so completely covered in gooey cheese that I was a little embarrassed about ordering them.  But looking back, no shame, no regrets.

We loved Ben’s so much that we went back the next day (after discovering We, the Pizza was closed) (but maybe we were already going to go…).   Joe went in to get chili and I circled the block in the car.  I had told him that I didn’t want anything, but secretly hoped he would bring me some cheese fries.  He asked like 10 times if I was sure I didn’t want anything.  So when he got back in the car and didn’t have any fries, I was disappointed.  And when I told him, he was disappointed.  He would have liked some too.  Lesson learned.  Joe doesn’t magically know to read my mind and not listen to what I’m saying.

I had passed on Ben’s on Day 2 because I was going to eat dessert for lunch.  We stopped by Georgetown Cupcake, because I had heard all kinds of wonderful about it.  But then I realized it was featured on TLC show, DC Cupcakes, so it was very popular.  The long line wasn’t moving and eventually I got impatient and gave up.  Add to the list of places to stop back and try next time!


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