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Walking About in Washington DC


Once upon a time, Joe & I left Philadelphia early one Saturday morning and traveled south on I-95 and found ourselves in our nation’s capital.  We walked around A LOT.  We ate especially wonderful food.  And crammed as many sights as we could into 2 days. And we took so many pictures that I had to divide this into 5 different posts.  Mostly, just posts full of pictures.  Here we go…

Wooo!!! Washington Monument!! (Closed due to damaged caused from the August earthquake.  You know, the earthquake we survived.)

Joe, trying to ruin the picture, my camera, the weekend, and my life.  Luckily, my quick reflexes got me and Candace (my camera) out of the way in time.  And then I pouted for 4 and a half minutes.

The haughtiest damn lion I am have ever seen.

No, really.

The only picture that exists from this trip where my hair is down.  I sure do wish I wouldn’t have spent all that time straightening it… only to have the humidity take over and turn it into a growing, frizzy mess.  Ohs wells.

Whaaaaaaat?? There’s a Book Festival this weekend?? This very weekend we are in town?? Why, I had no idea!

Okay, a sarcastic font would come in handy right now.  Yes, I knew about the National Book Festival.  Did I tell Joe we were going to conveniently walk by it?? Maybe not.   We didn’t stop long, but we did see Jim Leher while we were these.  I was too shy to ask for a photo.  (Just like my other celebrity sighting… Frank Shorter.  Seen at the Philly Half Marathon).

World War II Memorial.
(Harris relatives- does anyone know if Baba ever came and saw this?  I felt like he would have enjoyed it.)

The most upsetting part of the weekend: Carmen Sandiego stole the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial!!!!!

{Aside: the actual most upsetting part would have been the Holocaust Museum. It was a very powerful experience and I’m glad we made time to go. Thanks for the recommendation, Lucy!  Naturally, there are no pictures from that part of our endeavor. }

Okay, back to Lincoln.  Who, by the way, is a very long walk down the National Mall.  You may have long legs Abe, but I do not.  We envied all those people who had rented bikes.  Memo to ourselves when we return to DC: rent bikes.

Lincoln is the man.

I just feel bad that Carmen Sandiego got here first.

National Cathedral.

Not actually taken while walking around, just as we were leaving town.

But wait! There’s more!!


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