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Yours till Niagara Falls


Did you know that Buffalo, NY is only 20 minutes away from Niagara Falls??  I didn’t either, not until sometime in September.  When Joe & I planned a trip to Buffalo to celebrate his birthday with a Bills game, we looked at a map and saw how close they are and decided to pay the falls a little visit.  I thought it would be something cool to see, but you know, I wasn’t really all that excited.  I looked forward to playing with my camera and taking pictures, but it’s just water.  How cool can it be??

But guess what??? IT WAS REALLY COOL!!  I enjoyed seeing Niagara Falls so much more than expected.  Doing a boat tour under the falls wasn’t in the stars for us that weekend, but it’s definitely something I want to go back and do.  We will drag our future kids on road trips all over this country and I dare say Niagara Falls will be a stop on the Bailey Family Fun-time Super Awesome Road Trip Adventure.

(Side note: I asked Joe what a good name for such a trip and he said “something that would accentuate the awesome-ness of it and remind them how lucky they are and to stop complaining”).

Anyway, as cool as it was, at first we weren’t so sure….

But then we found the real deal.

This is the American side of the Falls.

A walk down the path to the Canadian side of the Falls, revealed a rainbow!

Aaaannnd some more cheesiness.  Sorry, its abundant in these pictures.

I do have to admit…. the Canadian side of the Falls is cooler than the American side.

Horseshoe Falls (as I think its called), viewed here from the top/side.  I’m thinking it must look awesome from straight on (in Canada) or from under (in a boat or barrel).  Which reminds me, I’ve watched those specials on the History Channel about people who go over the falls in a barrel and having seen the water up close, I can verify: those people are nuts!

Things were pretty misty up close, and we had to keep ducking the camera under cover when the wind would shift.

Fact: I LOVE these binocular things.  I think they look so friendly.

I’m sure Pam & Jim are on that boat. I’m sure of it.

And to top off all the awesome, we went at such a perfect time.  I imagine in the summer, its hot and its crowded.  But on a Sunday morning in October, it wasn’t crowded and it was sunny, but cool.  And the cherry on the top, was the beautiful fall foliage. Love it!

Two unexpected thumbs up for Niagara Falls.  We’ll see you in a decade or so!!

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  1. Kerry (Megraw) permalink
    12/02/2011 7:36 am

    We went to Niagara for the first time as well this past July, and I also was very pleasantly surprised!!! We did the Canadian side, and it did not disappoint. It was spectacular. You’re right about assuming it’s crazy in the summer. We went early morning on a Friday, and by the time we left around noon, it was getting packed. Oh, and the boat ride? TOTALLY worth the money. But buy a disposable, water-proof camera. You will NOT want to bring your camera on that one. They give everyone a heavy-duty poncho with a hood that ties down, and it is necessary.


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