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Happy Holidays! Part 1


Happy Holidays!!!

We had a fun-filled, family-filled, food-filled power packed three day Christmas weekend!

My sweet mistletoe (his name is Joe) got me a new camera lens for Christmas (yaaaaay!).

The good: I LOVE it.

The bad: I am not instantly good at. Dang.

The ugly: All of my blurry pictures.

Even though I am not instantly good at it like I hoped, I didn’t let that stop me from taking a whole lotta pictures.  And since Joe is sick of me always using him as a subject, I was happy to have lots of other family members to happily (or unknowingly) comply.

So here are the first batch from our days in D-port:

(Okay, still in DBQ.  Our Christmas tree was a little guy.  But festive).

(captured by Kyle)

practicing that which they call ‘bokeh’

The least blurry of all the Kyle pictures.  Sorry Ky.


Much better sans Tommy.

Mike & Katie & my future lil nephew on Christmas morn.
Highlights from the Harris Christmas:

-Family dinner on Friday night with all 8 of us.

-Working on the Christmas puzzle while drinking a glass of wine and watching Love Actually.

-Working on the other Christmas puzzle while drinking a Starbucks latte next to the fatty Christmas tree.

-Seeing lots of old friends at Christmas Eve mass.  I mean, OLD. When did we all grow up?? Most of you have kids! A minute ago, weren’t we all playing French Flags or sledding at Duck Creek or defacing Sadlers’ goose?

-Delicious goodness for Christmas Eve meal. My dad made a prime rib that melted in your mouth and was so wonderfully seasoned.  Joe & I (okay, mostly Joe) made mussels in a wine broth that you dipped bread into.  Garlic mashed potatoes.  And dessert… Whitey’s peppermint ice cream and Lago’s hot fudge.

-Christmas morning! I’m 27 years old and still waking up my little brothers and waiting at the top of the stairs for the mandatory picture before we all open presents.

-New tradition! Making my parents open their presents first!!

-Finally, finally, finally getting to give my Colorado photobooks to my parents.  1998 for my dad.  2011 for my mom.  I have been so excited to give these gifts and surprise them with all the pictures!!  (I think they liked them).

Up next… part 2 in Belmond!

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  1. Kara permalink
    12/30/2011 3:15 pm

    Yea! The Harris family looks great but I still don’t know who that man-child with the facial hair is…


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