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27 Blessings. Part 2.


My 27th year has been nothing short of amazing.  I am not blind to the fact that I have been blessed beyond words this year, with experiences, memories, adventures, family, friends, food.  The list goes on and on.  My cup runneth over.

But my 27th year has drawn to a close.  And 28-year-old-Molly loves making lists just as much as her 27 year old counterpart. So here we go…

27 Memories of the past year:

Part 2 of 3

(Because my computer or the website or something in the land of technology gets sad at me when I upload too many pictures to one post).

10. Moving to Philadelphia (and living downtown in a studio apartment)

Doing Travel PT has taken us to unexpected place.  This whole apartment ranks right up there.  I am not gonna say I miss the dorm room, but living in Philadelphia was so much cooler than I thought it would be.

11. Eating in Philadelphia

Our quest to eat try all the major cheesesteaks was a delicious good decision.

And speaking of sandwiches, I can’t think about Philly and not be instantly hungry for that Dinic’s roast pork masterpiece, with its sharp provolone and its broccoli rabe.

12.  Surviving Hurricane Irene

We stocked up on the most delicious hurricane survival food for the weekend.  Most of which was probably perishable… but hey, it was our first hurricane!  And what a feast we had.

13. Waiting in line for tickets to SNL… for seven hours. overnight. in the rain. with one shared umbrella.

Our whole trip to New York City surreal and damp and wonderful.

14. More state quarter ice creams!

27-year-old-Molly really put a dent in her state quarter project.  I think we knocked 6 new ones off the list!

15.  Washington DC weekend

I liked DC so much more than I expected.  All the monuments, memorials, museums… and Ben’s Chili Bowl.

{I’m starting to realize how many of the memorable things Joe & I do revolve around food.  And I’m not sorry.}

16. Niagara Falls

Another place that exceeded my expectations.  I loved Niagara Falls! I can’t wait to go back and drag our unwilling, unruly future children along with.

17.  Eating crabs in Baltimore

Opps, another food related memory.  Oh, but what a delectable one!

18.  Running the Rocky Steps

Joe & I lived about a mile away from the Philadelphia Art Museum where the stairs are that Rocky runs up.  We loved taking walks here.  I actually got Joe to go runs with me, as long as they included running up the stairs.  Then he shocked me and would run without me.  And always included the stairs.  One fateful day, as a part of my marathon training, I ran up and down the steps 26 times.  It took me a good while.  I think the tourists thought I was a crazy person.  I’m not sure they were wrong.

Part 1

Part 3


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