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27 Blessings. Part 3.


My 27th year has been nothing short of amazing.  I am not blind to the fact that I have been blessed beyond words this year, with experiences, memories, adventures, family, friends, food.  The list goes on and on.  My cup runneth over.


But my 27th year has drawn to a close.  And 28-year-old-Molly loves making lists just as much as her 27 year old counterpart. So here we go…


27 Memories of the past year:


Part 3 of 3

(Because my computer or the website or something in the land of technology gets sad at me when I upload too many pictures to one post).

19.  Moving to Dubuque

We had a pretty sweet furnished apartment in the DBQ.  This is just one of many pedestals.  And a VERY memorable neighbor that I got in an argument with over Joe running up and down the stairs.  “Ma’am we are trying to be good neighbors, but you have got to stop harassing us!
What we loved best about Dubuque was being so close to Angie & John and Ethan & Max.  Ethan would say “JoeMolly. See ’em?”

20. Living History Farm Race

A very favorite tradition in my friendship with Shannon is running 7 miles dressed up in ridiculous costumes for the Living History Farm Race in Des Moines, going through the woods, up muddy hills, across the cold creeks.  I promise we aren’t the only ones who dress up!  That’s one of the best parts of the race, checking out all the creative get-ups.  Oh, and the hot apple cider at the end.
This year, if you can’t tell, we were Zombie Beauty Queens!! My sash says Miss Living Undead and Shanno’s says Miss Brain Eater.  We went separately to two different Goodwills in two different states and both ended up with very similar dresses. Both with shoulder pads.
(And side note: I actually really don’t like zombies.  Especially zombie shows.  But it turns out I DO like dressing up like a zombie.)

21. Tecumseh Trail Marathon

I don’t know how Kara talked me into it.  26.2 miles.  In the woods.  Hilly course.  IN DECEMBER.
And all those reviews I read online (that I rolled my eyes at), that said it was one of their favorite marathons…  they were right!  It was so very hard.  But so much fun.  Running single file through the woods in the long zig-zagging line of brightly dressed runners.  We were emailed the week of the race with race info and one little sentence tucked in the middle reminded us to wear bright colors because it was hunting season.  And we were in the woods.  And so were the hunters.  WHAT???  But we didn’t get shot! And we both finished!

22. Christmas

A lot of fun Christmas packed into a three day weekend.  And we loved every minute!

23. New camera lens

If I’m summing up my 27th year, taking pictures would definitely be included.  My 3% of remaining space on my hard drive would reflect that.  Joe got me a new lens for Christmas, my ‘nifty-fifty’!  I don’t always know how to use it, but I have fun trying!

24.  CONOR!

On January 31, Conor Michael Harris made his grand entrance.  I may be auntie/godmother biased, but he is just about the cutest little peanut ever.  And on top of being cute, he is very cuddly and very laid back.  And he doesn’t mind too much when I practice using that new lens with him. 🙂

25.  Moving back to Wisconsin

It’s Lake Michigan.  Again!  And its cold!  Actually, we lucked out.  Despite moving to Wisconsin in the beginning of February, we had a very mild winter and an early spring.  Phew!

26.  Spring Break AZ!

Who says we are too old for Spring Break??  Last year, Houston/Galveston/College Station.  This year, Phoenix.  Kara and I do it up right.  We saw 3 NCAA tournament games from our awesome seats in the 5th row.  We hiked.  We ran.  We attempted to find margaritas, but mostly just settled on wine.  We swam.  We light-railed.  We gave cacti the arms they deserve.

27.  Half Marathon

On April 1, with just a few days left of being 27, I ran my third half marathon.  Shannon and I set some PRs (1:57) in the Chi-Town Half.  The strangest part was running together in normal running clothes.   The best part was Chicago deep dish pizza we had later on.  My first ever.  Why did I wait so long????


Since it took me three days to finish this.. now I’m 28!! So here is #28….

Planning our dream vacation!!

Joe & I are beyond blessed, beyond excited to be planning our dream vacation, a European adventure.  Two weeks in May, three counties, and countless servings of gelato.  One thing is certain, I’m going to need a new memory card for my camera!

Can’t wait for what Europe and 28 have in store for me!

Part 1

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  1. Theresa permalink
    04/09/2012 7:52 am

    Molly, I was thinking about you on your birthday, Happy 28th! Thanks for your updates- looks like you really have had a great year! Joe and you are quite inspiring! May you continued to be blessed with great days ahead….enjoy your big dream vacation! Looks like it will be amazing.

  2. Carol Bailey permalink
    04/09/2012 7:54 am

    Thanks for sharing your “28 Blessings”, Molly. Your pictures and captions are always so much fun to see!! May year 28 be just as blessed for you and Joe!! Love, Carol


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